ariella ♥ (mxdemotions) wrote in suny_cortland,
ariella ♥

Possible Transfer student?

Hey, I'm Ariella. I just got accepted as a transfer student for my sophmore year. I'm coming from a very non-typical college, by that I mean I currently go to private university in NYC (Pace U). So I have some questions,
1 - Typical college town? dirty bars? or is there some sort of outside life. I most likely will bring my car up so that I can get a job somewhere.
2 - Right now I'm an Elementary Ed major. I know Cortland is awesome for Education, but how is it for other majors. I'm thinking of changing my major to Anthropology or Sociology. Or double major, or minor I don't know. But, does it have a strong program for that?
3 - Is the Cortland administration good with paperwork? Pace was a hassle, always loosing things and messing things up. You always have to be on top of them to get anything done. Is it the same here?
4 - How are the class sizes?

I can't think of anything else I wanted to ask. But please help me out. Help me make my descion easier. Anything else, negatives/positives about the school.
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